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Consciously Unbiased


Consciously Unbiased Seeking a salesperson who specializes in learning & development, and has relationships with chief diversity officers. We've built the company from the ground up without a salesperson, and are now looking to scale even more by adding a dedicated salesperson who specializes in L&D and DEI.

A bit of background, Consciously Unbiased started as a grassroots movement with a t-shirt back in 2018 and a mission of building belonging for all and has since grown into a leading DEI training organization working with more than 50 partners in over 12 countries.

In addition to offering training programs focused on principles of neuroscience and behavioral science, we also work to amplify people who are breaking the bias and creating greater equity with live broadcasts, podcasts, and news articles. Shout out to the amazing WIE Suite members who lent their voices on our latest LinkedIn Live "Women Leaders: Tech for Good": SaLisa L. Berrien of COI Energy, Shannan Herbert of Stratyfy, and Bea Arthur of The Difference.

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