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Karen Harvey Consulting Group

Director of Operations and Finance

My operations and finance team leader will be transitioning out of the business in the first quarter of 2023, to start an unrelated business. We are setting up a different structure for finance but are looking for a really sharp, full time person, or a consultant who can give at least 20 hours per week, to work with me and the team on operational aspects around managing day to day aspects of a service business like ours, where exceptional client management, reporting and tracking of our work is essential. This individual must have experience either in an agency or service company setting, where we they would be used to the firm juggling multiple clients, projects and people at very high levels. The financial aspects will be more coordination than management, but I would like this person to be knowledgeable in this space as well.

I can share more if you know someone who might be interested, but please know that our culture is paramount - we are an international team of 20+ and highly collaborative, where we respect and love each other (really).

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