The WIE Suite (1)

Product/Tech Lead

Harnessing its high level member network, The WIE Suite is building the definitive platform that connects women to expertise.
The Product/Tech Lead will develop and oversee our technical vision.

About the Role:
Hire and manage the best developers for the company’s technological needs
Define the technology stack and design the architecture needed to build and evolve the platform
Manage all aspects of hardware and server infrastructure
Ensure a smooth-running business through daily operations
Implement innovative ideas to improve the company’s product and services.

Thorough knowledge and expertise in the development process needed to lead a software development team
Strong understanding of our end user
Ability to manage priorities and expectations in order to deliver on a timely basis
Ability to manage people effectively: from hiring to setting goals to encouraging developers to bring forward new ideas
Previous experience at a community based tech company useful but not mandatory