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Head of Creative Design

Head of Creative Design

The Head of Creative Design will own the expression of both TIAA and Nuveen brands across all touch points. With a passion for storytelling through design and copy, this leader will be responsible for a team of designers and copywriters, who will produce work for both Institutional and Consumer audiences and that will be distributed through a range of channels from digital display advertising to brochures and events.

Key Responsibilities And Duties
Leads team to develop full spectrum of creative that tells the story of the brand in a way that is highly impactful and moves people.
Consistently calibrates knowledge of desired brand outcomes and client marketing goals to inform creative approach.
Partners closely with the Creative Production, Brand Strategy, Paid Media, Digital & Client Experience Chief Design Office, and Client Marketing teams to create and oversee brand standards and visual identity.
Leverages design systems to create dynamic and engaging creative content from concept to completion for integrated marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media, and experiential events.
Ensures creative team is sized and scaled to partner effectively with external agency resources.
Inspires performance of the team through regular, timely feedback and celebration of wins, while setting the tone for creative excellence.
Educational Requirements
University (Degree) Preferred
Work Experience
10+ Years Required
Physical Requirements
Physical Requirements: Sedentary Work

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