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Let's raise awareness about the gender wage gap on Equal Pay Day. 


As leaders in our communities and workplaces, we can be part of the solution by giving our time to advise and support women in need of support in her career.  

This Equal Pay Day

Women are paid on average 84% of a man’s wage while Black and hispanic women receive less than 67%. Sometimes it's a matter of honing negotiating skills, knowing what to ask or just having a sounding board. Men are four times more likely than women to negotiate their first salary.

We’re asking male business leaders to sign up as mentors and allies, and donate a minimum of 60 minutes of their time. Our goal is to reach 2 million mentor minutes to match the many jobs lost. 

The 2 million mentor minutes initiative was initially launched to acknowledge the two million women who were forced out of the workforce due to the pandemic. Our initiative invites women (and men) in leadership positions to donate at least 60 minutes of their time to mentor women in need.


Let's do less talking and more doing!

Almost everyone can play a part in this effort. Sign up below to learn more


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