Jeanne Meyer's Takeaways for Mastering Media and Panel Appearances
June 11, 2024

Jeanne Meyer is a connector, well-respected marketing and communications leader and C-Suite advisor who has led marketing and communications at global brands including Martha Stewart, Al Gore’s Current TV, EMI Music and She is also an Executive-in-Residence at Media/Tech Investment Bank Progress Partners.

In a recent webinar, Jeanne Meyer, a seasoned marketing and communications leader, shared valuable insights on how to excel in media and panel appearances. The session focused on strategies for effectively driving your agenda and presenting your best self in front of an audience. Meyer's extensive experience, including roles at prominent global brands and as an advisor for emerging brands, underpins her expertise in transforming C-suite executives into thought leaders.

Read their work, engage on social media, and provide valuable data and insight.

One of the primary strategies Meyer highlighted is adopting an "agenda mindset." She advised, "Before any media engagement, adopt the mindset of an F1 driver—focused, authoritative, and determined to drive your business forward." Preparation is crucial, with Meyer stressing the importance of identifying "three to five key messages" you want to convey and ensuring you return to these throughout the conversation.

Understanding the "rules of engagement" is another critical aspect. Meyer explained, "On the record means anything you say can be quoted and attributed to you or your organization." She also discussed "on background," where information can be used without direct attribution, and "off the record," which means the information cannot be used in the story but can guide the journalist's investigation.

When handling tough questions, Meyer recommended using the "bridging technique." She described it as a method to "acknowledge the question, then pivot back to your key messages." She illustrated this with examples of how to reframe negative questions, deal with silence, avoid speculation, and steer clear of trashing competitors. "It’s about maintaining control of the narrative and ensuring your key points are communicated," she added.

Meyer also emphasized the importance of optics and audio in media appearances. She advised, "Wear solid colors and maintain a slight smile to avoid appearing disengaged." Understanding the format of your appearance is essential, whether it’s a podcast, live interview, or panel discussion, and preparing accordingly can make a significant difference in how you are perceived.

Building relationships with journalists is another vital component. Meyer suggested, "Read their work, engage on social media, and provide valuable data and insights." Being prompt in responding to journalists’ inquiries and deadlines helps build a positive rapport and ensures you are seen as a reliable source. "Your engagement with journalists should be seen as a long-term relationship," she said.

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