Marianna Sachse On Circular Clothing
March 19, 2023
Marianna Sachse is the founder and CEO of Jackalo—America’s first circular children’s clothing brand. Jackalo makes long-lasting essentials for little change-makers. Prior to launching Jackalo, Marianna spent over a decade advising national and global foundations and nonprofits on communications to support health and environmental change. She is a mother of two active kids, a dog lover, and a cancer survivor.

Marianna Sachse is the founder and CEO of Jackalo--America’s first circular children’s clothing brand.

What is Jackalo?

Jackalo is on a mission to make a dent in the problem of children’s clothing waste. 85% of clothes end up in the landfill, and kids clothes contribute heavily to that because of how quickly they grow. At Jackalo, we make long-lasting essentials for little change-makers. Kids want comfort, parents want quality. Jackalo clothes are both! Our clothes buck the fast-fashion trend of cheaper, poorly made items, and opt for clothes that are both designed to last and to be easily recycled. When kids outgrow Jackalo clothes, we buy the clothes back, renew and resell them and responsibly recycle what can’t be resold. By designing clothes that kids love, that actually last, and can be recycled we believe we can collectively reduce the amount of waste created by the children’s clothing industry.

What has been your biggest learning that you'd like to share with other executive women?

I'm a big believer in they power of connection. When we reach out to peers and offer connection and support, we can lift each other up and increase the opportunities for executive women. I try to put collaboration over competition and kindness first. This helps me attract like-minded people into a mutual circle of support and together we grow and thrive.

How important has networking been in your career advancement? Do you have advice or tips for networking?

Networking is critical for career advancement, but that doesn't mean I like "networking events". In fact, I mostly find them draining. That's why I'm a big fan of one-on-one meetings. Sometimes this is a a "virtual speed-dating" type networking event, or just reaching out to someone I'd like to know. I love to find a time to connect individually to learn what others are doing, share what I'm doing and see how we can support one another.

I try to always walk away with one concrete thing we each agree to do in support of the other's goals. Whether it's an introduction, sharing about their work on social, or a formal collaboration there's almost always something you can offer to support someone else in their goals.

What are barriers for Women in the C-Suite that you've seen or experienced? How do you think these can be overcome?

There are many barriers for women in the c-suite, but one I've personally experienced was a lack of willingness for employers to be flexible as employees have families. I left larger organizations due to this, and brought my talents to places that understood that I could work a different schedule, and work remotely, and still contribute excellent quality work. More companies are realizing this, but barriers still remain.

Family leave and flexible-work policies---particularly policies that benefit fathers and normalize fathers using these benefits--will have a positive impact on women's abilities to break through these barriers.

Who are women you are watching right now?

I love paying attention to women that are focused on sustainable business. Top of my list are Stephanie Benedetto, Livia Firth, Aja Barber, and Ayesha Barenblat.

What's one big trend you see coming this year?

Circular fashion is going to increase in popularity and prominence this year. The growth potential of this sector is tremendous, and we are going to see more consumers buy into the idea that products can have a life beyond one use--whether that's reuse or reimagination, we are on the precipice of a huge movement.

What's one product that you cannot live without?

I love a good face oil. Currently my favorites are Pleni Naturals and Living Libations. I mix it up depending on my mood and how my skin is doing.



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