Table for 8: The Spring Edition
May 22, 2023
This month saw the return of our unique dinner series, Table For 8 where WIE Suite members across the country attend or host Jeffersonian style small dinners to foster connection and conversation. The spring edition was bigger than ever with double the number of women gathering in member homes, and an expanded roster of cities, from San Francisco to upstate New York.

The thoughtful menu and wonderful women chefs were all curated by The Culinistas and every table setting featured stunning flower arrangements by Rachel Cho.

Our theme this year was ambition, and the role it plays in our personal lives. The takeaways were valuable and enlightening with one member even drawing attention to the link between ambition and trauma and the need to continuously prove ourselves. Much food for thought.

Dinner host Camilla Marcus, founder of west-bourne summed it up best. “Without my village, I would surely be lost. Welcomed old friends and new ones in the most incredible community I am humbled to be a part of… It was a night to remember.”

And social impact strategist Catherine St Laurent described her fellow attendees as women “charting their own paths, embracing transitions, leading with open hearts and there to support each other.”

We look forward to convening these gatherings again in the fall, as we’ve seen time and time again how these in-person gatherings drive results.

As shared by The Forem founder Alli Young: “I always leave energized when we meet in these small, intimate groups. We are all focused on opening doors for one another, with many of us in our second chapter, using our time, energy and resources to build a better world around us.”



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