Adaptability Breeds Confidence
September 23, 2021
The temptation to “look good” may be hindering us from actually “getting good.”

 In an article written by project management consultant Linda Zhang, we learn the difference between the two. In essence, working our way up the corporate ladder on a fixed track may look great on the outside but it doesn’t always line up with sharpening our skills and learning new things.

When we break free of the desire for constant validation and have the courage to try new things, it opens us up to adding versatility to our repertoire of skills. Versatility leads to adaptability and adaptability breeds confidence.

So when that time comes when we desire a change, our ability to adapt allows us to branch out without the fear of sunk costs. We can boldly traverse new territories safe in the knowledge that we can take everything we’ve learned with us and apply it in new ways.



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