Executive CV vs. Board Resume
November 20, 2023
When you are looking for board positions, you might wonder what is the difference between a career resume and a board resume?

We've got the insights to help you break down what you need to know. 


A Career Resume

“Career resumes are really about how much money you will make for the organization, the ROI of hiring you,” says Brenda Bernstein, author of How to Write a Stellar Executive Resume.

As an executive, your resume is crammed with accomplishments what you’ve been taught to work within as you’ve risen through the ranks. Executive management resumes have lists of "what you’ve done, how you’ve moved the needle, and the specific impact you’ve made at each company you’ve worked at."

A Board Resume

A board resume must showcase broader business acumen and judgment in multiple domains. “Board resumes are more succinct,” says Melanie Steiner, chief risk officer at PVH Inc. She recently joined US Ecology’s public board. “Mine was a one-pager, covering what I did and where I added value.”

To prepare it, she collected and studied a number of board bios from connections in her network and then worked with professional writers who specialize in creating board documents. “In the end, it’s about who you are.”

It "positions you as a strategic and experienced leader and collaborator, ready to guide and advise a company. It strives to capture a holistic view of who you are, and the strengths and values that you—and only you—can bring to the table."


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