Five Ways To Become A Feedback Magnet
December 15, 2021
After interviewing many top executives, Shivani Berry, founder and CEO of Ascend noticed a pattern - that the best leaders not only welcomed but sought out feedback. Knowing what other people thought of them was the key to better working relationships and more lucrative external partnerships. It provided opportunities to uncover blind spots and drive growth.

Typically, people do not willingly offer growth-facilitating feedback because it makes them uncomfortable, especially if they don’t know how we will respond. It is our responsibility to initiate those conversations and to make people open to sharing honestly. The ability to attract career-enhancing feedback is an actionable skill that is consistently honed over time.

1: Be willing to learn from anyone. Even if you disagree with the feedback, thoughtfully consider which parts are valid and why the deliverer perceived it to be true.

2: Express gratitude for the honesty. It is a risk to give honest feedback. The person who offered it to you wants you to succeed.

3: Reflect and ask follow-up questions. Circle back with the person who offered you feedback and ask specific, clarifying questions based on your reflections.

4: Use less intimidating language. By asking for advice instead of feedback people are typically more inclined to be less cautious in their response.

5: Share your progress. When you have acted on the feedback received, share the impact of the change to encourage others to feel confident giving you more advice in the future.

Incorporating these tips will enable us to become people others want to work with, as well as more growth-focused in the future.



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