Former More Magazine Editor in Chief Lesley Jane Seymour Reinvents Herself, Again.

Lesley Jane Seymour is a media entrepreneur and founder of CoveyClub launched in February 2017 (Covey is a small flock of birds). In January 2008, Seymour was named Editor-In-Chief of More Magazine, the leading lifestyle magazine for women over fort . In July of 2015, Seymour created history by having the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, guest edit an entire issue.In 2012, Seymour was named Executive Director of Meredith’s Beauty Center of Excellence; in 2009 she was named number four on the 2009 Most Powerful Fashion Editors List by Forbes magazine. Before taking over More, Seymour served as the Editor-in-Chief for Marie Claire magazine, Redbook magazine, and teen book YM. She was Beauty Director of Glamour, and senior editor at Vogue. She is the author of two books: On the Edge, 100 Years of Vogue and I Wish My Parents Understood. In 2013 she was named Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board for Duke Magazine and a Global Ambassador for Vital Voices.

Many of our readers knew you when you were at MORE, what have you been up to since then?

I’ve been reinventing myself.

Once More closed in 2016, I was devastated. I hadn’t finished my masters in sustainability management yet so I couldn’t segue into the beauty business. I was deluged by angry MORE readers who wanted me to do something else for them. 627 people took a 54 questions survey to the end and I created CoveyClub, an online/offline space for women who are in transition. We say “CoveyClub holds a space for you while you figure out what is next.” We teach, we connect, we support. We also have a giant Wellbeing Bash which you’re all invited to in New Orleans November 10-13 that is bonding, connecting, eating, drinking and finding new friends and business partners. Come join us!

How have you grown your career since leaving?

I was a corporate cog my whole life. Being an entrepreneur is wonderful. I no longer have to sit in an office on days where no one needs me. I love working from home and only working with nice people.

I worked with the mean girls my whole life. That is not who I am. This is.

You took a big move to New Orleans from NYC. What has that experience been like and what advice can you offer others contemplating a similar move?

Because I had to be in NYC for publishing and my husband had to be there for finance, we had to live in NY. We were in the city until my son was four and then moved out when we had our daughter. We were in the suburbs of New York for 24 years. Once the kids were grown and gone, I felt isolated and lonely. I also hate the cold weather.

My husband and I decided to shake things up and try a new place. We’d been coming to NOLA for 30 years as tourists. We had criteria that had to be fulfilled: great culture (check), not conservative (check), great food (check), university town so we can teach or take classes (check), international airport (check), a place where adult children are dying to come (triple check). We also love the music, and the arc