Goal Setting For The New Year
December 29, 2021
Every year we debate the value of setting New Year's Resolutions but time management coach, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, believes they’re very much worth your time, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Saunders attests that making resolutions and following through with them boosts your belief in your ability to take action in your life, a feeling that can come in handy when the world seems out of control. Answer these questions to aid in your success.

Do you really want to change? Sometimes we say we want to make different choices when in actuality, we’re fine with the status quo. Be honest with yourself, and don't waste energy on goals you feel you should go after. Instead, put all your energy into changes where you have a strong why.

How many resolutions can you handle? Just pick a couple. Research shows that when you have multiple goals you're less likely to focus on all of them. Honing in on one or two areas where you want to make change makes it easier to uphold your commitment. For example, if you want to get more referrals, dedicate your energy to the specifics of how to accomplish that goal.

What steps will you take? Sticking to resolutions is all about practicality. James Clear's book Atomic Habits suggests that new habits be obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. You want to reduce the amount of effort it takes to make choices that align with your goals.

How will you track your progress? In Saunders' book, The 3 Secrets to Effective Time Investment, she discusses the importance of clarifying “action-based priorities.” This means translating your resolutions into a practical action you can put into a paper planner, a digital calendar, a habit tracking app or a document shared with an accountability partner.

Who will hold you accountable? Writing down the steps you've decided to make, documenting your progress, and sharing that system with another person can significantly increase your probability of sticking with your resolution. Multiple forms of accountability help a ton.

Despite or perhaps because of the uncertainty of the last 24 months, looking ahead rather than dwelling on the past is still the key to driving successful outcomes for your life and career.



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