How Does Non-Conformity Lead to Career Growth and Scale?
July 11, 2024
In today’s business landscape, the pressures to “rise above” and “set yourself apart” are ever increasing. And for good reason: many markets are oversaturated and the status quo often just won’t cut it.

But by refusing to conform to established norms, you can give yourself the opportunity to reach new heights in your career, emphasizing innovation, adaptability, and leadership.

Innovation and Creativity

One of the primary ways non-conformity fosters career growth is through the promotion of innovation and creativity. Traditional corporate environments often prioritize uniformity and adherence to established processes, but non-conformists challenge the status quo, offering fresh perspectives and novel solutions. Mona Patel is an expert in helping people reframe the way they think, primarily business leaders. She teaches how to perform “reframes”, and says “Reframes are often thought of as a way of turning problems into opportunities. But sometimes it can be as simple as ‘What am I missing’?"

Adaptability and Resilience

In an era characterized by advancements in AI and an unpredictable economic landscape, adaptability is key for career success. Non-conformists inherently possess this adaptability due to their willingness to embrace change and explore uncharted territories. Melissa Eamer is the former COO at Glossier and VP at Amazon, and founder of Modern Age. She told WieSuite about owing her success to resilience: “Throughout my professional endeavors, including my time at Amazon and now leading Modern Age, I've encountered numerous challenges that demand grit and adaptability. For instance, one of my pivotal experiences at Amazon involved spearheading a project to build something entirely new within an ambitious timeframe.”

Leadership and Influence

Leaders who challenge conventional wisdom and encourage diverse thinking inspire their teams to achieve greater heights. By fostering a culture of non-conformity, these leaders can drive organizational growth and scale. Megha Desai is President of the Desai Foundation, a public non-profit that serves women and children through community programs in rural India. Of leading in the non-profit sector, she says “I think one of the most important things I have learned about being a leader is to listen and adapt. The world of impact doesn’t have one size fits all solutions for our beneficiaries, and it doesn’t for our teams either. We do our best when we listen to the team, listen to their needs, and motivate them to excel.”

Being a non-conformist can be a superpower - allowing you to harness adaptability in business and to inspire forward thinking among your team. Embracing non-conformity allows individuals to break free from conventional constraints, unlocking their full potential and driving transformative change in their careers and beyond. As the professional world continues to evolve, those who dare to be different will increasingly lead the way, setting new standards for success and achievement.

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