How To Learn New Things Quickly
December 3, 2021
Researching via the internet has become the default method for expanding our knowledge and exploring new areas of interest. However there's a wealth of unexplored knowledge right at our fingertips and it sits within our networks.Eilon Reshef, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Gong has created a 5-step personal growth tool called the Spiral Method that utilizes informational conversations with people in and adjacent to our networks, to help facilitate excellent depth of learning and allowing anyone to become an expert in any subject at a rapid pace.

Step 1: Identify your topic and reach out to a close circle of knowledgeable friends to see if they’re willing to have a short conversation with you.

Step 2: Go into those first meetings seeking to identify the terms and concepts that will lead to more informed conversations in subsequent meetings.

Step 3: Turn one connection into many by asking for referrals and introductions.

Step 4: Repeat the process till you’ve connected with 15-20 experts and only use Google in between meetings to refine your understanding of newly acquainted concepts.

Step 5: Track your progress through self examination and how well you’re able to converse intelligently in your chosen topic as you move along.

This process not only strengthens your network of relevant professionals but can lead to stronger more informed decision making. Keep the spiral going by accepting invitations and generously sharing your expertise with others.



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