Removing The Chains Of Objectification
March 3, 2022
In Karl Marx's essay 'Estranged Labor,' he described capitalism as a machine that made people deeply unhappy because it removed the personality from the person and reduced them to what they were able to produce.

In this assessment of a capitalist system, Marx points out that when we objectify ourselves by only feeling valued when we are productive, it turns us into miserable shells. In order to rectify that, we need to throw off the chains of objectification that we place on ourselves.

An increasing number of studies have been conducted on objectification in the workplace, have defined the phenomenon as feeling used as a tool. It's experienced when we feel our employees only view us as a pay check and when we base our value solely on the results we achieve. In either case it can lead to burnout, job dissatisfaction and depression.

Our careers should be an extension of us, not the other way around. If you feel you might be objectifying yourself at the office, focus on your value outside of it. By acknowledging that we are full, well-rounded humans outside of work, we can create space between the highs and lows of working and who we are to ourselves and the people who love us. Doing so may lead to a more enjoyable relationship with our work.



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