The WIE Suite and DVF: Mentorship Matters
October 27, 2023
The WIE Suite was proud to partner with iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg for International Women’s Day, to launch the live edition of its acclaimed mentorship program #2millionmentorminutes.

You might remember the program from the overwhelmingly positive reception it received in across publications like Marie Claire, Katie Couric and others - not to mention women across the nation.

The mentorship morning connected eight inspirational leaders as mentors with 40 promising young mentees for inspiration and advice. Over the course of the sessions, the groups discussed business strategy, entrepreneurship, career advancement and more. Our amazing mentors included Georgie Greville, Dawn Davis, Danielle BuBois, Shannon Washington, Nisha Dua, Debbie Rose Woloshin, Stephanie Horton, Sam Saperstein and Diane von Furstenberg herself.

#2millionmentorminutes was launched in 2021, to support the millions of women who lost jobs over the pandemic. At that time, we asked women leaders in our community to donate their time as mentors to support those in need of support, and to match the 2 million jobs that had been lost. The campaign went viral and a new movement was born. Our mentors offered advice on numerous topics but here are a few pieces of great insight, that we wanted to share with you.

On networking

"I think it's more important than ever to put in a strong effort into building a great network such as building and using a digital presence especially Linked in. Attend Virtual events, create a Digital business card or QR code making it easy to share your info, Do lots of coffee meetings in person or virtually." - Stephanie Horton, Global Consumer Marketing Director @ Google

(For more Wie Suite tips on networking, check out this post and this one.)

"The future of networking is creating potent intentional spaces of connection. While IRL will always be king, zoom can also work as long as there is an experiential element and container set for deep connection. We are in a state of redefining our value systems and structures and we need focussed, experiential gatherings in order to connect our way into a better realities." - Georgie Greville, creative director, filmmaker and entrepreneur

"People are eager to be out and about. They need intellectual stimulation and want to socialize. I think that a solid mix of zoom and IRL will be the norm. People are going to prioritize the in person more than ever when it's a viable option. However, there is real, not just perceived value, in the hybrid flexibility." - Debbie Rose Woloshin, CMO at Stitch Fix

On Barriers in the C-Suite

"One barrier is the bias inherent in all organizations. With more men in power, things like affinity and proximity bias lead to men getting tapped for senior jobs more often. It’s something we have to actively address with our people-related decisions all year (e.g., hiring, promotion, compensation). One way to do this is to train our HR partners to actively challenge and coach managers on these decisions." - Sam Saperstein, Managing Director and Head of Women on the Move at JPMorgan Chase

On Undernoticed Trends in the C-Suite

"Meeting creep, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself in 8 hours of back to back meetings and it’s just not sustainable. I personally need time during the day to think, to create, and to learn. When I find my schedule completely packed I’m not able to do my best work. It takes a lot of discipline to come out from under a packed calendar, it’s hard AND it’s worth it." - Danielle DuBoise, Co-Founder of Sakara Life



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