The Wie Suite Launches In the UK
May 6, 2024
The Suite, together with British luxury brand Mulberry, hosted an exclusive dinner at the River Café in London in celebration of the UK launch of Dee Poku’s The Suite. The private membership community for women leaders in business and culture gathered trailblazing British business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs and creatives to mark The Suite’s official launch outside of the US.

From New York to London, Dee Poku and The Suite aim to advance women’s careers.  Members are encouraged to leverage their personal brands and access insight and expertise from their peers to unlock growth and wealth creation opportunities. Spanning industries across sustainability, technology, philanthropy, fashion, beauty,  film and media, notable guests included Laura Jackson, Founder of Glassette; Whitney  Hawkins, Founder of FLOWERBX; Saffron Aldridge, Founder of Aldridge & Supple; Pippa  Vosper, Author & VOGUE contributor; Lucinda Chambers, co-founder of Collagerie;  Charlotte Colbert, Film Director; Charlotte Mensah, Founder of Manketti hair; Alex Brownsell,  Founder of BLEACH London; Designers Priya Ahluwalia; Rejina Pyo; Georgiana Huddart of  Hunza G; Bianca Saunders; Author, Garance Doré.

Commenting at The Launch of the Suite, British-born Founder, Dee Poku said “It’s a real  cause for celebration to see our brand go global with the launch of The Suite in the UK, one  of the most creative and dynamic markets in the world! We have to thank every single one of  our members across the pond for really making The Suite what it is. Everyone in the network  is focused on providing those all-important introductions; making deals; exchanging ideas  and creating together, for the betterment of each other and future generations, which is  something we feel extremely proud of.  

“This new community is about impact. It’s about redefining success with an inspiring network  of women – in support of each other - shaping business and culture for a vision of a world  we want to see. It’s a different business as usual that I’m confident British women will not  only embrace but accelerate to effectuate change in the workplace, community and wider society”.

Mulberry added, “We are proud to partner with Dee Poku for The Suite’s first moment in the  UK. The values of The Suite - creating a network which supports and champions women  reshaping business and culture to drive positive change - so closely align with our own vision  at Mulberry. Creating change within our industries is a constant work in progress. The  paradigm shift required will only be possible through mentorship, collaboration and  partnership.”

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