Unlocking Potential: The 7 Levels of Executive Leadership with Shayna Bergman
March 13, 2024
Understanding your energy leadership supercharges your leadership skills by revealing your energy levels and mindset, propelling you towards greater achievements.

Shayna is a passionate, results-oriented coach who empowers motivated individuals to unlock their potential. Before launching her own executive and corporate coaching practice, Shayna served in a lead Talent role at a global professional services firm. She also helped build and grow the HR department at a thriving global legal start-up.  Shayna has served as an adjunct professor at both New York University and The George Washington University teaching and facilitating in both the undergraduate and masters programs. She’s certified in Executive and Leadership Coaching.

"Sometimes things are hard, and that's okay."

What is energy leadership?

For Shayna, it's a dynamic philosophy that she believes supercharges your leadership skills by revealing your energy levels and mindset, propelling you towards greater achievements. When people understand their energy style it can unlock hidden potential, equip people with the clarity, confidence and strategies to conquer their work and family life. 

There are two type of energy: catabolic energy is a draining destructive, stress filled energy. And it creates catabolic hormones in our bodies like adrenaline and cortisol. Those chemicals in our bodies allow us to push through moments of stress. But the long term effect is that the ability to sustain under that type of stress is very difficult. And  it creates a very limited view of what we're capable of doing. It's hard for us to see possibilities or solutions when we're operating from a place of catabolic energy. It has a really big, emotional, physical mental toll on us. And on those around us.

However, anabolic energy is constructive. It's growth oriented; it's forward moving; it propels us forward. It actually creates these anabolic hormones in our bodies like testosterone. And this allows us to push forward in moments of stress in a way that's sustainable over time and helps to lead others.

What can your energy leadership level teach you?

Energy is contagious. You can't control how everybody else shows up, but you can control how you show up. The seven levels of executive leadership is the result of over three decades of research and development by Bruce Schneider with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. It gives us a framework today to decide what level makes the most sense given the particular situation or circumstance that you're in.

You have the power of choice. You can decrease stress, achieve true passion, true fulfillment, become more conscious of how you operate in your life. Do this by taking a moment to reflect on you energy level. Notice where you are in this moment. On your best days, which leadership level resonates best for you? How does your mindset shift when you encounter stress? Which leadership level would you like to access more of? And why? And how would that empower you?


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