From Bootstrapping To Multimillion-Dollar Business, the trajectory of Carol’s Daughter

This week for our Masterclass Moment we are going to discuss the trajectory of Carol’s Daughter. Founder, Lisa Price’s story is a shining example of building at one’s own pace.

Fast Timeline

1993: Company started

2002: The Oprah Show

2003: Met business partner Steve Stoute

2005: Partnered with Sephora

2007: Took on Equity Partners, with Pegasus Capital Advisors

2014: Acquired by L’oreal

2021: Still connected to the brand

The Very Beginning

1993: Encouraged by my mother, Carol, with $100 in cash I launched Carol’s Daughter in my kitchen. I mixed the products in-house and my husband and I sold small jars at a craft fair. That evolved into us selling out of our home, borrowing small amounts of money from family to mail catalogs to potential customers then paying my family back when orders came in.

The Turning Point

2002: After our appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, a lot of people started counting our money for us. People started telling me to make extra products because I would get 10,000 extra orders. They said I’d be a millionaire overnight. None of that happened. We did get a lot of orders, but not anything that we couldn't handle. For me the opportunity allowed me to dream bigger because I used to joke about being on The Oprah Show. It was a harmless joke, but then it actually came true. It actually happened. That gave me permission to dream bigger.

To see someone that I looked up to so much, be so humble and so genuine and so authentic, really taught me that you don't have to lose yourself when you're a successful person. That’s what made The Oprah Show such a powerful moment for me.

Relationships with Retailers