How can I leverage a nonprofit board seat to get a corporate one?
October 25, 2023
Leveraging a nonprofit board seat to secure a corporate board seat can be a strategic career move. Nonprofit board experience can provide valuable skills and networking opportunities that make you a more attractive candidate for corporate board positions. Here's how to go about it.


These six tips could be the secret to transferring your nonprofit board seat into a corporate board seat. But, know that it takes time and determination to show how one set of skills can transfer to the other. 


  1. Excel in Your Nonprofit Role: Demonstrate your dedication and commitment to the nonprofit's mission. Show that you are an active and engaged board member.
  2. Build Skills: Use your nonprofit board seat to develop and hone valuable skills that are transferable to the corporate world. This might include financial expertise, governance experience, strategic planning, or leadership skills
  3. Show Impact: Document and communicate the positive impacts and accomplishments of the nonprofit during your tenure. This demonstrates your ability to drive change and results.
  4. Leverage Nonprofit Connections: Many individuals involved in the nonprofit sector have ties to the corporate world. Leverage these connections to express your interest in corporate board positions and seek introductions or recommendations.
  5. Seek a Corporate Board Mentor: Find a mentor who has experience serving on corporate boards. They can offer guidance and possibly introduce you to relevant opportunities.
  6. Demonstrate Governance Expertise: Emphasize your understanding of governance, ethics, and compliance. Nonprofit boards often deal with similar issues as corporate boards, and you can use this experience to your advantage.

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