Ready for a Pandemic Career Pivot? 6 Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time + How to Prepare
April 21, 2021
Women's careers rarely follow along a narrow, pre-determined path, but often veer off on different trajectories, including for some, time OOO to raise and take care of families. Now that the pandemic has upended all that was normal and perhaps even cost you your job, is it time to consider getting a new one, or even switching careers? Because most businesses are undergoing radical change, now could be opportune.

We asked Bucky Keady a long-established talent management executive, who spent 18 years at Time Inc., what she is seeing now as she steers companies and executives into new hires and roles.

  1. Companies Are Rethinking Everything. Corporately-speaking, the world has turned around in mostly very positive ways, and many self-actualized companies have done some serious work around what they want their company to look like on all levels--what their business goals are, who their consumers are, what their mission is, their culture and whether they have the right talent to achieve those goals. There is a major focus on diversity of thinking, a fresh approach that comes from truly being a diverse workplace.
  2. Companies Are Looking at New Talent Pools. It's a great time to pivot because historically, companies have sourced talent from their competitors, but that competitive pool has now broadened. Therefore good executive teams are looking for out-of-industry talent who will add new skills, different approaches to management and fresh ideas…provided some of their core competencies/skills are transferable.
  3. You No Longer Have to Move. Another major advantage from the last crazy year is that companies are far more comfortable having a remote workforce or at least a partial remote work situation. Geography no longer is a stumbling block to finding a new position.
  4. If You Are Looking, Attitude Is Everything. We are all bruised and tired and maybe even a little angry about having to look for new roles, and potentially out-of-industry ones at that. But before anyone starts their job search they need to do some serious deep thinking about whether they are mentally prepared to pivot careers. Are you still wishing for the good old days or are you ready for a new adventure? Talking to a coach/therapist, your partner or work advisors is a great way to prepare yourself for your next move.
  5. Get Familiar With Your Hard And Soft Skill Sets. Prepare yourself by understanding your hard skills or work competencies--sales, financial, writing, visual, technology, data & analytics, video, GM etc., and soft skills--communication style, leadership chops, management style, mentoring and empathy.
  6. Polish Your Performance. Once you have done that homework, having a resume and LinkedIn profile that reflect you and the position you want are the best way possible for you to land that job. Be on game, polished on-line and on paper. And practice your messaging about what you can bring to the role you want.

Bucky Keady on LinkedIn.



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