The Key To Transformational Leadership
September 23, 2021
As companies navigate the new post-pandemic landscape and realize how important their corporate culture, social messaging and actions are to their success, leaders need to craft new more transformative ways to move their companies forward.

In this HBR article, David Lancefield, a strategist and CEO coach and Christian Rangen, a strategy advisor, break down ways to be a leader of tomorrow.

  • Practice New Mental Models. Leading transformational change involves helping your organization transcend its current positioning, performance and capabilities. That requires visionary thinking; the ability to tackle complex problems (eg overcoming organizational inertia), and the courage to make difficult choices (like when to shut down or sell off assets that were once considered core). Leaders must learn to think deeply and manage their emotions in intense situations, even as stakeholders expect to see results
  • Work the Edges of the Organization. Transformational leaders are continually thinking about what their organizations should become, and anticipating how employees and customers will react and change. Proximity is critical, especially as the pandemic has shown us how quickly sentiment and behaviors can change, often permanently."


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