The WIE Suite's Table for 8
January 12, 2023
Announcing The New Dinner Series For Women Leaders!

Last month, The WIE Suite launched a dynamic new dinner series for its members entitled Table For 8. Taking place across the US, these intimate hosted dinner parties brought together high level women at intentionally curated, beautifully designed dinner tables, all in groups of approximately eight. Each event featured the same menu, discussion theme and format to create a connection between the members no matter what part of the country they were in.

“We had fun but we don’t do these dinners just for fun,” shared WIE Suite founder Dee Poku. “There is deep intention behind our gatherings. We want to create solidarity, community and provide answers to vexing career and life questions.”

The Culinistas, a platform that supplies private chefs to client homes, provided women chefs for each dinner and curated the menu.

Table For 8 dinners will be hosted on a bi annual basis.



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